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Productivity Tools

In a world where income depends on productivity, every keystroke counts. Increasingly, smart typists and transcriptionists are taking advantage of keystroke saving software tools to improve their productivity and enhance their income.

The latest generation of labor saving tools allow typists to preprogram their computers to expand a few judiciously typed characters into strings of common words, phrases, paragraphs or even entire short repetitive reports. Indeed, the better programs purport to cut production time by one third or more. Most programs also come with pre-programmed tables for auto-expanding common medical abbreviations.

When used by transcriptionists alongside sophisticated medical spell check technology, these word expansion tools combine to make a significant difference in the productivity and earnings potential.

In addition to the benefits of increased productivity, these short-hand programs also tend to increase accuracy as mistakes are minimized through this automated process.

Word Expanders

There are a number of excellent productivity programs available on the market today. What is more, the scope and functionality of these offerings continues to evolve. A growing number of companies are offering word expander software to increase the productivity of individuals who make a living in the world of keyboarding. Speed and accuracy of typing skills are a must, but robust software that can take a few keystrokes and expand them into complete words and sentences are increasingly popular.

Speech Recognition Software

In addition to word expander software packages, there are a host of speech recognition or voice recognition software options available. These include voice recognition software programs like:

  • Boomerang
  • Dragon Naturally Speaking
  • Eloquently Speaking
  • IBM Via Voice
  • MediTalk
  • Speech Power

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