Speed Typing Test

Ten Fingers Are Better Than Two!

It seems that an entire generation, both male and female, grew up with very minimal typing skills - if any at all. This can be a huge drawback in today's computer-filled world where keyboards and mice are the norm, not the exception. Sure, plenty of people hammer words out on the computer screen, doing an awkward routine of searching for the key, hitting it with one finger and squinting at the screen to see if they did the right thing. Others have progressed, becoming skilled at two-fingered typing or maybe even working up to the use of four fingers.

But why not learn proper typing skills? It only makes sense to invest a little time into learning how to type with both hands and all ten fingers, considering that keyboards are here to stay and will continue to rise in use (that is, until voice recognition becomes the norm). If you can't beat them, join them; right?

Learning typing is very, very easy and doesn't take long with a bit of practice. The basics involve putting your fingers in proper typing position, and then memorizing the position of the keys. Unless you have failing memory, this should be a breeze. You can start with two keys and add others as your brain catches on where the first two keys are. Pretty simple, huh?

Besides, learning to type is as easy as playing a game. You can either buy software or find a resource on the internet (ask your kids to help you type in the right search words!) that will turn learning into a sort of computer game. Some have you shoot letters as they come at you; others have you try to type out short words to earn points. How fast you learn and how well you type only depends on how much you practice, but once you've figured it all out, you don't have to keep updating your skills, you won't forget how to type, and you can only get better. Typing is very much like riding a bicycle. Once you have it down, you don’t easily forget it.

To see where you're at now, as far as typing skills, go try the free typing test on the speed typing test home page. Have some fun with it. Try it with two fingers (or however you type now), and then try it by putting your fingers in the right position. You'll get different scores, sure, but now the challenge is to beat your two-fingered scores using ten fingers!  And once you get the hang of it you will beat it and beat it handily!

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Speed Typing Test