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Medical Transcription Training

So what is all the hype and excitement about medical transcription? Is medical transcription for real? Can I truly make money by working at home in a real profession - and no I’m not talking about stuffing envelopes!

These are some of the most common questions we receive about the medical transcription career opportunity. And the good news is:

Yes! You can work at home as a medical transcriptionist!

Yes! You can earn money working at home on your own schedule typing medical reports.

So what is medical transcription anyway?

Well, basically, Medical Transcription is the process of converting voice dictation files into typewritten reports where they become part of a patient’s permanent medical record. How many doctor visits do you suppose there are every day of the year? Millions! And every one of those has to be documented by a skilled medical transcriptionist! Is there opportunity for trained medical transcriptionists? You bet there is! As the population continues to age, healthcare careers are some of the fastest growing career opportunities in the country.

With digital and internet technology, most medical transcription is now performed by medical transcriptionists who work at home. There is a tremendous opportunity for individuals with good typing skills to enter the fast growing medical transcription career field and become trained medical transcriptionists.

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Speed Typing Test