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Improve your Typing Speed

Typing form can be one of the most important determinants of ultimate typing speed and efficiency.  The most effective method of typing is referred to as “touch” typing.  With touch typing, the hands are placed over the keyboard with the fingers in a specific formation.  The position of each key on the keyboard is memorized and typing occurs fluidly and without the requirement to continuously look at the keyboard. Typing keyboards have become standardized so that the keys are always organized in a specific way that allows for maximum efficiency. The old method (and sadly, a method still in widespread use) is the “hunt and peck” methodology of keyboarding. This is a tedious and inefficient method of typing.

In addition to learning to "touch" type, many people find that they can incrementally improve their typing speed through a combination of:

  • Correct posture
  • Typing finesse – type fluidly with fingers resting gently on the keyboard
  • Periodic breaks from a typing routine can work wonders in enhancing overall typing productivity and accuracy
  • Monitoring your typing speed and accuracy by returning frequently to this free speed typing test website


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Speed Typing Test